Credits and Thank You's

Legend of Iyash

Oji-Cree Orginal Telling and Audio Streams: Jerry Fiddler (d. 1983), Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario

English Translations and Original Recording: Ennis Fiddler, Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario

English Voice for Audio Streams: Matthew Angeconeb , Lac Suel First Nation

English Voice for Flash Animation: Dan Townshend, Sagamok First Nation, Ontario

Syllabic Transcribing: Christine Keesic, Wawatay Communications Society

Oji-Cree Interpretor: Angie Morris, Muskrat Dam First Nation, Ontario

Web Pages and Multimedia editing: Jesse Fiddler, Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario

Background Information:

Legends... legends as they are, usually begin with our ancestors and were told from generation to generation. This was the oral tradition of our forefathers. This is where the stories from the Legends site originally came from. These stories are native to the Northern Ontario area and surrounding regions. Who knows... maybe there are different versions of our stories across North America.

In the late 70's the story of Iyash came to be recorded on reel to reel audio tape. The teller at that time was Jerry Fiddler of Sandy Lake First Nation. Ennis Fiddler, his son, had interviewed him and many elders in the area, capturing their teachings and stories on audio tape. These tapes have been in the CBC archives in Thunder Bay for the past many years. Ennis Fiddler had worked with the CBC, doing an aboriginal radio show called, "Indian Faces" or better known as, "Wingwong".

Back into the present... Adam Fiddler, the current host of "Wingwong" and also Ennis Fiddler's son, used these reel to reel tapes for the radio show and put them onto cassettes in the process. Ennis Fiddler then translated the story of Iyash into English.

Jesse Fiddler (Ennis Fiddler's other son) had been doing some work on the Internet and web pages during his studies at the University of Windsor. For a project, Jesse took the interpreted story of Iyash and documented it on the Internet. These web pages contained the english version, pictorials, and an animation of part of the legend.

Jesse Fiddler had been working with K-Net Services/Northern Chiefs for some time and they saw the potential for such content on the Internet. Soon more work was done on the stories with the help of the above people. Some of the newer work that has and is being done on the web site are:

This web site was done with the support of K-Net Services a part of Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations Council.

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