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kBb? l8 kw ;klhduZ ;epa3a;Z l8 kw kBb? ;af lh? alD ka;eakD e?hS fralalZ k/ ;f euZ Eq3iakD. rjq jezeiakD jusyialeg jEa;eakD jvi8D> k/ fr r/UaleZ jEq3iakD fr jq jezeieZ. vhrbD lh? alD wd j?rera3D WafZ alD uv jEa;eakD j?rera3D ;kbakZ wh? alD uv ;Paly3sZ jea;eakD jrqla3sD ;kfw?v5fakZ wh? kw ka; j?rera3 wj/ uv jEa;eakD j?rera3D EvS fjqkbakZ.

ka; h? kw la3 3yha;D kuq ;kfakdZ jEa;eakD jnPsD ;f lh? ;f?qkZ kuq ;w?8a;esH kw h? la; flchg ka; la3. ;fa3 sqnhakZ ;f ;r lchweZ kdrldZ jEa;eakD jnPsD.

flPIg vh uv kalb r?uD ;wEusyiZ kePee> ;f ;vdal jqIeg dDh 3ke jqlPIeg 3jqfafhrnZ dDh uv 3vD qswPlZ. wja;e kw frlPq3Z ka; la3.

kwj/ wd ;dha3Z ka; la3 kw a;y ;akmsZ ;dafdZ ucakD> ;EqxeZ ucakD ;dafdZ wj/ kw flPjhudZ ;rha3dZ wj/ a;y jmbg flP9vdZ ;EqxeZ a;y ;P ff?ruq3eZ wia; jmbg ;uvmTuevZ ;qqvuevZ.

wh? flPfra;Z.

;af h? la; ;keyufeg falD alf kv jfamhal ddnhalwvD jdUsD la; ;yufeg> wqf /sg ;r3ewvZ 5hv uv ;uvmT?fZ.

wj/ wd flvZ jdUsD ka; la3> keD 83D a;qlPdvibD jmTg lng 83D wia; ;uvmT?fbD.

rvi? v/ wd frkluePZ jdv jz kw jydD.

wj/ lng ;r/akKZ kBb?. ;r9mbeg kw uv fr lchg 3vD dDh ;al klPq3Z jvi8D dDh ;alnhakZ ;alsqnhakZ.

kwh? fldZ evio ky fddhal akFa;kwD kw lrn.

rq8flfeg 8uv dDh uv rqfwg wls lPdca; ;klhduH. kw 5aU ;r JiakZ. a;y j/v dakZ a;y ;rP jydsmD akakD kw la;y 3l/bg kw lrn> ;sqafPa;akZ.

;hv8 kuq wErPf ;kadyg lh? fT 5hv ;muwafPa;akH ue? kw ak8 ;ke wdakkxakH ue? ;f ;5udafg a;q kfWbg ue? kw ak8 ;kewdakkxakZ ke kbeakD weyafuvD> rb?af fT duZ kwPEakZ kw h? flrn falD a;y j/ uv dakZ.

a;y uv ak8 fjydsmD lea;eakD akakED kw uv a;y 3l/bg l8 kw jydD. wh? kuD a;y ak8 ue? ;ldafPa;akZ wh? fT fldZ weyafuvg ;kbeg fal uv ;wyvfiEg weyafug l8 uv kw la; h? fldZ wj/ js> kw h? kw fldZ fmD ky khal ddhakmhD ky 5aU qkbaka3dD alD lh ls uds ;alkvxZ.

kw j/> ;sa5alhsvZ ;sa5k5erD k;alhsvg kuD flPfmZ kw aka; j?rer kuD ffmeZ lP kewda;mkg jqsD kuD uv ;ra;Z kuD lv ;dfhakH jvi8D wkmD ls ;Pa;udZ jvi8D. jhdr E8w kd r//fakdZ kuD lv jhhsD ;kesafPakeZ. kw falD fd3 kmduiD lla;y ;lPrnZ ;sa5 //fakevZ

ehhS keD a;q dfhjPbD. kw8 flrnZ> j8S rnio ralF.

kwla; fjq dfhjdD kw jydD> kuD kw ;ra;Z ;ra;afPakZ.

The story of Iyash begins with four people. There was Iyash with two wives. His first wife was much older and was getting on in years. He had a chid, a son, who was alive and grown up as a young man from the first wife. His other wife was much younger and he preferred her than the older one. They all lived together in their shelter but the older wife stayed across the fire from Iyash and the younger wife.

The younger wife grew fond of the son and began to lust for him. She tried to lure him to her but he did not show interest. But she really wanted him. So she thought that she would do something bad to him.

This happens to a person leading a good life. There is always something trying to put that person in misery or get that person into trouble. This is what that young lady did.

One day when that young lady was checking her snares she saw that she caught a partridge alive. She un-snared the bird and she put it up her thighs. The bird squawked and scratched her thighs all over. Her thighs were a mess from all the scratches.

She went home after that.

That night, as her man turned to her, he found and saw that her thighs were all scratched up. He asked her why that was so.

"Why are you looking like that? Your thighs are full of scratches," Iyash asked.

"It was your son that did that to me yesterday", she replied in an accusatory voice.

The next morning Iyash was very upset and angry. He decided that he was going to do something to his son.

He said, "son, let's go to the lake and look for some eggs".

They lived along the shores of a big lake. So, they got into the canoe.

" I used to be able to get some eggs from quite aways out into the lake, so that's where we're go", said Iyash as they began paddling.

It was a beautiful day, nice and calm. Iyas and his son were paddling quite a ways into the lake. They kept paddling to the other side of the big lake far off from their camp. There were little islands all over and there were seagulls flying everywhere. Iyash kept telling his son they still had a long way to go.

" It's still a long way over there where I used to get the eggs from. That's where we're going," he said, pointing forward.

Finally they came to an island that was bare. It had no trees or much vegetation. Iyash told his son that this was the place. They hit the shore and Iyash asked his son to get off the canoe and explore the island.

"Go and see if there are any eggs around there," he said to him. "I will remain in the canoe. Let me know if you find any eggs and I'll come help you"

The young man got off the canoe to go look around. Once the young man was off the canoe Iyash quickly pushed the canoe off the shore and paddled out into the lake leaving his son behind. The young man called out,

"Father , father, why are you leaving?".

As he started to paddled his way home and without even turning to look back Iyash answered,

" I am leaving you here alone because you are mating your aunt".

Iyash had disowned his son.



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