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kalb h? a;y kbZ l?uwg waka;y fnhg ;jqjhu3dZ kalbD fuxIeZ. wj/ ja;e jnquvS jq wfdg ls flP lPa;udg w?ls wfdeg kuD ;jq jmu3Ig la; w8 kuD ja; jquvS ;jq rjmu3uqf5g. Waf lh? ;jhw jafu3uqf5g wkmD ls ;P kpmejZ wh? a;y fjq sa5 rqmuZ kalb l?uwg jnquvS w;h ;uqunZ. fef wd 8rD ka;cD fnhg> dud wd kBb?Ping salD wd fnhg> jsa5 rqmunD.

And so Iyash travelled until he came upon an area where there were many sharp things hanging and dangling all in a row from high above. These were large hooks with very sharp pointed ends. They were hanging very low in a way that it was impossible for anyone to get through without being seriously hurt or killed by them. If touched, one hook will trigger the rest to go up pulling along anyone that is close by. These hooks were sensitive and easily attracted to the human flesh.

Iyash paused for a few moments and looked at the contraption. He was studying it closely when he remembered the dry piece of wood that the foxwoman had given him. This was not an ordinary piece of wood. It was made with qualities of a human flesh so that it attracted the large hooks in the same way. He took out the dry piece of wood and with a big heave he threw it towards the row of hooks. It landed right in the middle of the hooks. Instantly, and with a deadly swish, the hooks sprung up tearing the dry wood into pieces in the process. Iyash was grateful that he had not stood close by the hooks. Quickly, however, while the hooks were still up he dashed across to the other side. Somewhere up where the hooks were attached Iyash could hear someone say, "I wonder who that was. I bet it was Iyash, it could have only been Iyash". Iyash could hear the voice laugh. This was the first time that whoever owned the traps ever snared a dry piece of wood instead of a human. Iyash walked away feeling relieved.

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