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ka; Eq3i ls frjy8Z Eq3iakD w/ uv h? ka; a;y frlPm3Pg xhhakfg wj/ l8D Eq3i lng fmmwfakZ akv? fmmwfa;mD ls wj/ ja;e fralhsalPmD fldg ehhS wh? ka; frlPefKZ ka; Eq3i akvPwyxT j/ kw lPefK ka; Eq3i ls fjsnfeZ. ;af h? wh? ls ffEdZ jP8D falszbD rfeslD. rfeslD j/ ja; falszbD. wh? ja; fledD w;hv r?uD ;h nhsD qr/J?fsD ja; fall/bD. wh? kw 5aU ;swdZ 3vD ;ke akalhsakZ keD 3lP kmqneZ jEa;eakD fwdZ 3vdD. ja;e j/alD jrwdD ja;e e?hS sakZ uw5e j/ kw ;kafyeeg. kDh uv jnki fde uwye ;kafyee salD flhg kuq ;wadPg la; uw5g. ;aku?ffwg wja;e frwdH. lea;eakD lh? ddng frswdZ. kw hP ls falD e5ur3hiD keD ha8T 3vdD frwdZ mafqak8vD j/ wd UPg 3vD frwdZ ;af h? wd e2iD kieD wd jrwdD ;af h? wd kakbdD w/afbdD> w/afbdD kv kw ;dakymcD akyafbD wjE frwdvmcD. ;af wd /a3PakbdD wjEa;eakD fT frwdZ.

jEa;eakD qsqdeZ qkmqkeZ. kw h? wd fldZ wh? ja; falszbD wjEa;eakD 3kmqnbD. ja; lh? falhsaldD key 3lP kmqnbD key qlPakjyivbD key jEa; eakD 3kmqnbD fal lPuxIbD wh? ;h 3r jq jyhsD fal l/bD. wjva;eakg fkekuakZ kalbg wl/ jva;eakg je/akdqla;g. kuq kdsg la; fall/bD. ;af wd ky uv uxIbD wfdg juWfd wia; kuq wPacbg 3vD 3akdlvbD la; 3e/ak dqlvbD. falD lh? alD 3vD mu?3hD wd falD 3vD w8akZ EhsD 3vD fEevbD falD fd3 la;y lduD. wuv lPuxID la; wfd faluwe/ksD wuvl fdakmhD ;f qmehvrbD ;f qmd3hvrbD wfd falux8hsD wja; wd flvZ

;af h? e?hS ls ld3 fal lPjyia;bD flPalqalD j/ ls wls 3kv alqaldD e?hS ls fal lPjyia;bD.

wh? kw 5aU fszZ ka; dUo. jvsD kmD jsnfeg sa5 kbakD> ddshuevmD l8 ka; Eq3i fke 8fkg ka; dU fsqalqalD l8 ;rldZ f8fkg kw ka; dU 3yha;D akv? jhdg rmuwmnZ wuv ;Pmuw uwe/jvZ kw akv/D wh? e?hS ls fke jyia;Z ;keakmhg snfDe falD fT qra;s?fg ja; snfD jqh8 uv kalb quy3Z lea;eakD fke kbrD haldD snfdD fkeak jyh3D snfdD fke kbrD 3vdD l8 uv. kyf h? la;e e?hS fke jyia;Z wuv ;PIe qr uy3Z snfdD ;f qr /J?fg wh? ls flPIeg wPD kalb wla; wevg fkvIeg ;?fS kalb wevg ls kmc ;Pe/akdyiZ r?uD ;f falEnhg fknhakZ jEa;eakD f35byieZ dDh Eq3iakD dDh r9leeakD 3vD ;f falnhg alD jychxalD fal kmqnZ j?rusyo. wj/ fjqleZ j?rusyo r5eS ;af wd dnhD falD rD rychxalD kmqnD. r?uD rD rychxalD kmqnbD duZ almZ falD fwEIiD. dDh kuD ls 3hPe/akdyibD kw fleZ ka; j?rusyo.

wh? ls fke uy3akZ wls fkuZ 39lee fhP kueZ uyfwg ;af h? kw flvZ a;y lPkuD kw a;y ala35ig. kwuv jhl/D ;Pmuy3eg fmuwe/jvZ a;y flP jduZ ;P jPPeeZ jhl/D. kw h? ka; r9lee> ;kewafuZ ;kexPnZ ;kl?fdxZ ;kewafuZ. wi kw jnqrx8msD kw> jfH lqf kw fhPfg ;hhvwerdg

kuq ;rq wealf5Z ka;. kw h? ka; r9lee jwealf5i j/ kw lPefIvmD. ;f alf ;jq zrIeg jwealf5D la; wevg ;hhvwdg kalbD ls ;jyivZ ;k/sZ la;e jwealf5D. wh? uv kuD ;e8Z r?uD ls fhP k/sZ falED lv /sg.

wh? kw dfqS a;y fuledg jndfD> EP? ja; rh/wD j/ kw jydD. ual5D le vhalD fujyivZ jqhvalD uv qk/sZ> EP? kd 3alD jydD. kw 5aU ;Pjhudg wh? ja; fr lvZ jEa;eakD jvsD a;y fuszZ e?hS ls aljyia;bD fal lPalq aldD> rfk/wg j/ jwealfhD sakZ uv ;wEdafg hu?vZ uv uw5> kuZ fwadPg kw rlPdafg jdfeg ;5eg. jja; lh? fwedD uw5 kw h? la; wqD jyvD. ls h? flP dshubD ld8subD wls PmBbl lPknD la; rh/wvalD. la; lh? fr wedD wla; swqD j/ kw jyvD kw 5aU. wka;y fuledweZ ls faka;duZ wh? ;keswaduZ kw a;y PmBbl kw lea;eakD akv/D ulea3eZ PmBbl a;y> ;jq wqZ kw ja;e jh/wvale ;af h? alD uv jvsD frwevmD kw ;PswqZ> kw h? frhZ akv? la;e k/3alD> ewpS ja; rndfD k/ errhda;> 5hv kw 5uda;i wuv wd qde8 5aU lchS.

akv? lh? kmD jr jq rhmeahD dDh 3vD ;r jq le?fvZ akv?. wh? kv ;rnmD ehh> wj/ kuZ efD a;q alruhg akv? fefDe5eg 3vD la;e wee ;rwqvmcD lea;eakD jwealfhdD kw j/v ;rnmD.

kw emmD l8 alD lv ls k/ ;jdvPeg UPvrPf la; wevg ;uxIZ ;jdvPeg fjy8Z jEa;eakD jwpsD. w8 kmc ;ke ffalPxZ ;keyufeg ue? ke kbha;eg l?v5e falED lv emiD ka; dU. kwls jhBl/D ;PalUwvZ flPuwPg. kw 3yha;D k/ ful?fdxZ ka; r9lee ku kbqmmrydg kw jfH ;rq wealf5Z kw la; h? frk/sZ wa; fr jq lPIeg ku lh? ls fakrqmrydg ja;e jfH ls fuwpeZ wj/ uv kmD qe8H falD alf wd qjq sqnhakiD frk/sZ. la; j/ 3fH qakrqmrydg ls ;uwpeZ jEa;eakD dUakD. kmD kw ls fjq sbalmejZ aka; akv? ;ssvf5a;msZ kw jEa;eakD r9aleeakD kuD kw 5hv ;r k8ua;mhg jfH ;r zr iE?fqa;mhg ja;e jweakfhD kw j/ flPrhZ kw r9alee>

EP? k/ j/alD rhBl? erfwg.

wj/ kw fldZ ke? ldS akldmyibD a;qru/bD falED fhr jq mmcewviD ;f u/bD.

wh? ka; r9lee dDh uv ffrfwva3D euZ fke frfwva3D jydD falD lv sbS erjq EhakiD. w8aluv fkeakmg wj/ alD fke jq szH ka; dU kuD uv wd ;ke szZ a;y fal l/Z. ka; lh? alD akv? wj/ kuD ls fjq ra;Z wkmD ls fjq ra;mnZ.

The tracks of the fox that Iyash saw on the sandy shore where he landed were the tracks of this old woman. She is known as the foxwoman. And this foxwoman was a very wise person. She knew everything. She repeated to Iyash that it was very important that if he is to survive his journey that he follow what she tells him. She gave him certain objects and explained what they were and how to use them. The first thing she gave him was a block of white animal fat which had been boiled and dried. This is a stable for native people especially during long hours of hard physical work. Then she gave him a piece of dry wood from a fallen tree, three stones, black caribou fur, and mink fur.

After she had given these to Iyash the foxwoman explained to the young man, "These things that I am giving you, please use them only as required and as instructed. There are those that sit along the way that seek to destroy you. The road to your destination is difficult. There wil also be many things along that road that will want to destroy you. But don't let these distract you or if you hear things don't take time to look at them. Just keep on walking. Keep your eye on the road that you are following making sure that your steps don't fall off the path".

The foxwoman continued, "I will walk with you on the first part of your journey, but afterwards you are on your own".

Iyash got up and walked out. The foxwoman remained inside. As Iyash started walking, all of a sudden there was a fox trodding beside him. This was to be his travelling companion on the first part of his journey. Without a word the two disappeared into the forest.

And so Iyash and the fox travelled along the forest untill they came upon another mudookwan. They stopped briefly to look around. It was never intended in the life of Iyash that he should go around anything that he encountered. That is, he could not just ignore the mudookwan and go on his way. And so it was that he and the fox must enter the mudookwan. Some lives end here on the first obstacle if one is not careful - If a person does not listen to an elder woman or man giving advice and wisdom. This often happens to a young person who is inexperienced in life and chooses to follow his/her own ways that may be a deterrent. That is why the youth are taught to listen and respect their elders. If a young person does not listen to the wisdom of their elders then often danger follows and claims a young life.

When Iyash and the fox entered the mudookwan, they found sitting inside an old man. The old man invited Iyash and asked him to sit along the wall of his mudookwan. The fox followed and layed down beside Iyash. The old man turn his back and was doing something that Iyash could not see. He was moaning and breathing heavily. Iyash leaned over slowly and saw that the old man was doing something to his leg. His leg was full of scabs and badly infected with creamy pus. Whenever he had visitors, the old man would squeeze pus out of his scabby leg and feed it to them. Whoever ate it eventually died from it. He never ran out of the creamy stuff. This was what he was doing as Iyash watched him squeeze the creamy drops into the container.

The old man turned around and handed the container to Iyash, "Grandson, here, eat", he said. It was customary to feed any visitor one may receive. Iyash took the container from the old man. But Iyash remembered what the foxwoman had said to him. She had warned him about this old man and how the old man will feed him a container of nice creamy food that look like fat. She had told him to eat the block of fat that she gave him instead and to put the container beside him. That is what he did. He ate the block of fat that the foxwoman gave him and he put the container on the ground beside him. The fox ate the creamy white stuff on the container. As soon as the container was empty Iyash handed it to the old man and said, "Here grandfather. That was very good". The old man smiled thinking that he had another victim.

The creamy pus that the fox ate never had any effect. It is said that is why a fox does not mind eating something that is a bit rotten and stale. The fox is used to that since the days of iyash.

Iyash had travelled all day and arrived late. By the time he was ready it was dark so he had to spend the night at the old man's place. Everyone got ready for bed and Iyash was comfortably tucked away with the fox beside him. After a while as Iyash laid there he could hear the old man breathing and moaning heavily again. Iyash could sense him moving noisely as the old man dragged his scabbed leg closer to where Iyash was. The old man was intending to get close to Iyash while sleeping and put his leg on top of him. Once the leg goes on top of Iyash then he would have died if he had eaten the pus that the old man had fed him. Slowly, the old man made his way across to where Iyash was sleeping. As soon as the old man was about to put his leg on top of Iyash suddenly the fox jumped out and attacked the old man. The fox bit the old man on the legs and would not let him go. She kept on biting him around the legs until all the scabs and the pus sucked out and the infection cleared.

The old man cried in fright, "Grandson, your dog is eating me up. The dog is going to kill me. Do something".

Iyash answered, "Serves you right, why did you come this way? You should have stayed over there. The dog would not have bothered you".

Everything turned out fine, however, for everyone. The old man was cured of his infected leg. The fox returned to her mudookwan about a days journey back. Iyash was alive and continued on his journey alone.

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