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wj/ wd flP sszZ ;uw/J?fg wh? ;af ls fke jyia;Z wuv wd fkeyufeg wd uv fr ke jy8Z jea;eakD sqla3akD flrnZ kw8 h? lv 5aU flacZ ls ;uy3Z wja; frldZ k/ vhalD ;ke yufeg falD ld js ehrfUPiD kw ;ldZ jEa;eakD rq la3D ePakD kw jhe8D.

ja; j/ alD kv lrnmD ehhS> wj/ uv /sg ;uy3eZ kw fldZ ;epueZ jhe8D jwfalsD j/ kw 9sg kw fald uv lPq3ivmD kalbD ;jyivZ jva;eakg j/ lhe8g fkbakZ w8 uv lPfalPxD kw jydD d8akbl flP uwPEakZ kw jydD. ls qlP fUPbD w8 uv ls 5aU fkbZ. wj/ 5aU ;Pq3akvmcD. wj/ wd fldZ jhe8D ky khake8akg k/alD uv kuD ;ke mrPxeg.

kw j/ fldZ faleD uv rffdakmsiD> kuq uv alfdakmsviakg ehe8g ;seIakZ.

kw j/ 5aU ;Pq3akvmcD kmc ;P 8rqaf?afeakZ kw j/ ;cesvmcD fefdS a;afna3D akse83aka3D ;f vhalD ;akmhg akfafne. ;f uv ;jqakmhg akfafne fT q8rineZ kw uv kmD ueoa3 ;P8fkxakZ. kw j/ wd a;qddfqkZ ;f vhalD ;jq r3ewvZ jiv8D uyfwg ls ;kbeZ ;jq rx8msZ kuD ;jq8fkweZ ;jq E8akmsZ. kuD kw ;kedviakZ. kw8 ;Pq3akZ ;P xq klPyTeakZ wyvD ;mhrKeZ almZ lv fmusa3iq3akZ> wh? wd ;muqe3akZ ls ;mmrye3akZ> ;f l8D fd3 fT ;ssa5Jq3akZ. kw j/ uv ls klPyTmejakZ ;P xq JJvIakZ jva;eakg wyvg.

wj/ wd fke fyufeg lra;eakg ffalPxakZ. ja; wd lrnmD f?rsD fhalwEvZ> kIeD j/ alD rlrn ehh. e2iD kieD kw ;rwevZ UPg kw ;rq wzuriZ ka; kiD> wh? ja; fke sa5 falPxakZ> wja; fsa5ldqxZ sbS flP feh kw klnqf5g ffalPxakZ l8 d3 UPg kw jEa;eakD k/ la3akD dDh flcewvZ dDh qklnhakZ. wj/ kmc 5aU jE wj/ ;ke akrq?fakZ kw ;h?fUPfeZ kw kuD jhiesD flP kvakudZ> j/ lrnmD ehhS. wl h? uv kuD> aluyakg j/ jydmcD ;P xq ffq?fu3g ;ehafeg ;ke h?fUhZ.

wj/ ls kuD flP 9vakudZ jhiesD w8 kuD flP q/u5PeeZ kalb fxq kKafwIZ kw kuD ;PIZ ka; la3. kmc ;f ;akfal> h5v kmc ;r JJafu5Pg. wh? kw ;af wd vhrbD w8 uv UPafD fnhakZ. wh? kuD uv ;emakZ ;f ;akfalakZ

;af a;y jiv8D kw ;ke difakZ ;ke kh nnrdZ> livo hf falUwD l8 kw.

lbF 2j kedS lng ;f la3g ;lchviaka3D ehe8g l8 kw lrn. /sg lv ;aka;PPg ;kelP h?fUPg> jeafdD ;u khal alUwvZ kw 8 83D ;alhq xq ffq?fu5Z> kw h? uv UPafD ;nhakZ wzuria;D dakZ jE f9fxa;udZ jiv8D. kw uv kuD ;Pihala;udZ eKmbeg kw kuD 3alD fxq sa5afw8Z ;m?a3bu5?Pe vmcD> kw kuD 3alD ;r q/u5Pg. wj/ kuD wd flPsszZ. keu ffv?vievmcD.

wh? ;dvmcD ;ke8fkg> wj/ 3lPdviTrmD falD la; rhlPdviidak> j/ kw jydD.

kw j/ 3lPdviTrmD kePeealTg jydD wla; frq/u5peeZ. kw 3rlPdvimD la3 lrnmD.

r?uD ;f akka; raka;PlvmcD aka; fruxIZ fr/J?frmD wfde. ;r uw akalPnZ lv la;e wfde. ;r fr Es3 ux8hg kePee ja;e fr usyiZ ;uq kesg la; sqwfd. usyialwfd lh? fT ;lqf5g ja; Waf fuxIbg fusyibg fuwkhKfKZ kalb.

It was getting late in the day when Iyash came upon another mudookwan. The sun was just setting in the western shy and he was starting to feel a little tired when he sighted the shelter not too far off in the distance. In his usual manner, he approached the mudookwan and when he got there he entered without first bothering to find out who may be inside. As he walked in he saw sitting on the floor three women. These were Bad Women. Just like the other people that Iyash had met along the way they invited him into their mudookwan. Iyash found that the three woman were a mother and her two daughters. He asked them that since it was getting dark if he could stay for the night. The woman were very happy to have Iyash stay for the night. In fact, they were a little too happy. The mother told Iyash that he could sleep with her two duaghters.

"You can sleep between the two of them", said the mother, "you can stay as long as you want". The mother's words and actions were like an act of consent to a marriage. Iyash was obligated to the arranged relationship. The mother became his mother-in-law. He sat down between the two young woman and the four visited. After a while the mother asked the two daughters to go and get some wood. They needed some wood as the night had fallen. As the two woman left to go cut wood, the mother said to Iyash,

"My two daughters don't like being watched when they cut wood".

Iyash wondered why. He got curious. The two woman had not taken anything to cut wood with but, they were bringing wood that were neatly cut. All of a sudden he sensed something strange. With some difficulty Iyash was able to take a peek outside without the mother's notice. With a quick glance outside he saw the two woman make a motion that allow them to cut the tree with their asses. They would pull their skirt up, stick their ass against the tree and down the tree came. They did the same thing when they cut the logs into small sizes. This was done quickly and without sound. Iyash kept this to himself and did not say a thing about it.

It was getting late. The four people in the mudookwan prepared to rest and sleep for the night. Iyash laid down between the two daughters. But he already knew what was happening. He slowly reached out and he set gently beside his head the three stones that he had been given. One of them was bigger than the other two. Then he waited. After a while one of the two daughters reached for Iyash. She was looking to have sex with him. He heard grinding sounds coming from the woman's crotch. Iyash went along but just as she opened her legs he dropped one of the smaller stones into her vagina. The grinding sounds of metal rubbing against metal became intense.

The woman had teeth in their vaginas which they used for cutting. Unfortunately, this was not conducive for making love as other men before Iyash had found out. Usually, the penis was literally eaten up and many a man was destroyed. The grinding sound that was heard came from the vagina teeth of the woman. The sound became intense when the teeth chomped at the stone that Iyash threw in. All of a sudden, the noise stopped and the woman lay motionless all tired out. She fell asleep right way. She had become a different woman. All the teeth in her vagina were gone - grounded and broken off by the stone.

Iyash did the same thing to the other daughter. She too became a different woman without the teeth in her vagina.

"Now", thought Iyash, "the mother".

He slowly crawled to where the mother was sleeping on the other side across the fire. As he got there he started to feel around her.

"Mother-in-law", he whispered, "can I sleep with you?"

The mother thought to herself that her daughters were not women enough for Iyash. She quickly prepared herself to oblige Iyash. He could hear the teeth grinding. Just as her legs opened, Iyash threw the last stone into her. There were more grinding noises and snap. She fell asleep.

Early the next morning while the woman were still sleeping Iyash got up and left the camp. Just as he left he turned around and said,

"The way you are now is the way you are supposed to be. That's the way a woman was meant to be".

Iyash had helped another group of people improve their lives. It is said that we don't know what would have happened if he had not come along to these women. While Iyash was going through the obstacles and faced adversities, he at the same time corrected a number of undesirable characteristics of people so their lives would be better. He improved the parts of the road that was difficult for people to travel on so that it may be easier for those that follow. The road became known as a road of life. It is that same road in the legend that Iyash travelled that we all travel on today.

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