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fh alD er3hD E5ricPEbD ;r khal dfhjPbD ;r khal a;uePbD kw jyeD. kw h? ls ;kbakZ kw j/ kmc ;r mJchg la; frP9akKmD. UPaf wd ;fr9mbeg flvZ jvi8D.

As Iyash walked through the bush he stopped and looked around. The surroundings seemed familiar. He looked at the tree in front of him, then a row of bushes along the shore. Sure, he saw them before. He ran down the shore and sure enough down the bend was his old home grounds. He stared at his father's mudookwan. "They are still living in the same place", he thought to himself thinking about the time his father took him far away on the canoe and left him on the island. For a long time he stood in one place looking at the old mudookwan. He was watching for something. What it was he did not know. Suddenly, his father came out of the mudookwan to do something. Then Iyash knew he really wanted to see his mother. He waited for awhile. His father went inside. Then he waited again. Finally, his mother came out. He was really glad to see her. His mother looked like she had been crying in loneliness for a long time. She looked drained. He got closer and whispered to her,

"Mother, mother, come".

She turned towards Iyash and her face lit up with joy when she recognized her son. Iyash the elder was no where to be seen. Iyash said to his mother,

Listen, go inside and take some firewood in. Put some wood into the fire to make sure it is a nice roaring fire. Ask the other woman that you want to hold the baby. And this is what you do". Iyash told his mother the plan for escaping from his father and the other woman.

Iyash's mother went inside with the firewood as planned. She fixed the fire big enough to cook a fair sized goose. She sat down and said to the other woman,

"Can I hold the baby for while?"

Iyash the elder was suspicious of his older wife. He said to his younger wife,

"Careful, don't give it to her. She might throw the baby into the fire".

But the mother of the baby did not pay attention. She handed the baby to the older wife. As soon as the baby was into her arms, the older wife quickly threw the baby boy into the fire. The mother of Iyash quickly ran out while Iyash the elder and his young wife tried to get the baby out of the fire. The fire was blazing hot. There was no way the baby boy could be saved. In an angry voice while trying to get the baby out of the fire Iyash could be heard screaming,

"I told you not to gave it to her. I knew she was going to do that."

In his rage Iyash the elder wanted to kill his older wife.

"Where is my big sharp ax," he demanded looking around for his ax. He picked up an ax to kill his older wife with. As he stepped out of the entrance way Iyash the elder saw his son standing in fron of him. Iyash the younger was poised sturdy and strong, ready for a fight. He called out to his father,

"Come on. Come on and see what you can do with that ax. I going to kill you if you do."

Iyash the elder stopped dead on his tracks. He was surprised and dumb-struck to see his son. He knew that he was in trouble now. He turned and ran inside the mudookwan. He started throwing everything around looking for something.

"Where are my beaver furs that were neatly folded and stored in this spot?" Iyash the elder shouted pointing to one section of his sitting area. He found the furs and ran out to spread them out in front of his mudookwan.

As he spread the beaver furs on the ground, Iyash the elder muttered out loud so his son could hear,

"This is for my son to walk on. I am sure his feet must be tired."

Iyash the younger walked to the furs and kicked them aside.

"I am sure that you are quite worried about my feet", said Iyash the younger. "After all, did you not leave me in an island to die?"

Iyash the elder became a different person. He did not seem angry anymore but rather looked quite defeated. He became timid and meek. His son did not sense danger from him and did not appear to be a threat to his older wife. For now Iyash the younger decided to resume life as it was with his mother, father and his father's other wife. And so it was that the four people lived together again in the same mudookwan, but everyone knew it was not the same as before.

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