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fsseZ ;al qmafZ ;k8akZ jhrvakD ;jq kmqnakZ ja;e eu frdifg. ;sa5baf akakZ jhrvakD hu?vZ la;e fakqmafhg juwfsfeg kw a;udg a;y ja; j/ lrnmD ehh> jne? la; juqusfD jePa;alrD ;r Jhhg ;r lP uqe3Z kePee juw5 j/. kw hiD kalbD fjyivakZ jw ls 3aldak ;Pe8akZ wh? lea;eakD kePee juw5e fuqw3Z. fJhva;mkg 3if wd fjq kaf8va;mkg wj/ ja;e ;alk/sZ wakD jE jual5sD falD jh? ald jr3esiD ls ;kbeZ.

la; h? kw jnhD fJhva;udg /sg kmD jhaf8va;mlf3D la;e jhamdg jdvzvg a;q zzvafq3Z la;e frnhra;mlf3Z ;fa3 m?ra;mla;mkg kw8 l?fS ;P jmafhg kw ja;e jhamdg ;kn wKuhg kyf ;Jafeea3D 3ldfweea3D jqmafD. w8 uv kDy ;wafD 3fu wd ffEdZ>

eha3> rwEwEbakJ3 ld rD> eD l8 alD 8rD keakmg kw ;al xebakJ3bD jhrvg 3alD kw ;P jMmafhg jhamD.

lha3 wj/ 3eD akmg ;al xebakJ3bD. kw j/ wd ;dZ eha3> flehafrmD lh?alD jzvig> falD ld 83D kBb? aluxIZ flrndeakrmD. a;y kw ;P ddnafq3Z a;y alaf5ig j/ kw jyvD> kw ;kldvdg wyg. 3yha;D 5aU fwvafdZ ls ;eshueZ.

fnnra;makZ kBb?.


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wh? kw alhsalPfD. kmD 8fkS wj/ ls ;ddshuZ kw dfZ l8D kw ffEevakZ k/ vh a;y l?af5g ;r a;y ldafakZ jw/afbe/D. kw j/ flvZ k/ eal8fkS. k/ 3fH ef ke 8fkS l8 kw jyvD. w8 wd lhP l8D fssemlyakZ ls alaf5ig a;y kw ;P kbeZ kuD a;y ;P aka;h8wakalfcuakZ l?af5g ja; h? kw ;nhxakZ w8 5aU ;wafkxakZ kakbD w/afne/D xq kw uakna;amakakZ. ;xq //amva;makakZ jEa;eakD w/afbe/D.

3hha;D kw ka; UPg kmc ;uhakZ ;/amvqakmakZ kw jha3D. wh? kw jhd fEevD> eha3> eha3 83D j/ wd ruhj?.

wuv 3alD kw kmD ;P /amvakmakZ jha3D. wj/ 83D hu?vZ kuD ;reiyakZ. kw ls muwPEakZ> ;edJakZ. kw wd faka;PkZ ka;> ;ke rr?rn?afcakZ flP rq ff?rn?afceZ ;uwPeeZ kuD a;y ;r eiyeZ ;af wd jzueg ;hhna;ua/Z ;xq ;kTqrfuakZ ;f lhnzuakZ

kw j/ wd fldZ wj/ 3lPdviTrmD falED uv rh lPdviidak flPdviTg.

w8 kuD wd flP szZ f8fkg d3. Wa5 jq rq muakZ k/ ;r jq v?viakZ Wa5 rq muakZ wh? Wa5 lrnakZ 5aU8 rakalbhq nhvdD kBb?. Wa5 rq muakZ ;af ;akuakZ> ;r hnrzupah. kw 3alD 3rlPdvimD Eq3i 3rke akumD. qr ke jermD jzmD wd qr ke ff?Pn?afcmD kalb fEq3ialZ ;af wd fke 3PaleealZ. wj/ ja;e fr lPdviakZ 3r lPdviakmD. wj/ fr jq ldZ> wj/ la; 3r lPdviTrmD falED ja; rhlPdviidak kw ;rldZ.

On his journey Iyash always walked close to the shore of the mainland. He never strayed too far from a body of water. So one day as he was walking along the shore he came upon another mudookwan. As he got closer to the mudookwan, he noticed that there was a string that came out of the entrance and led to the shore. So he walked in. There on the either side of the entrance sat two elderly woman. There were both blind. In fact, they never had eyes. Where the eyes would have been there was only a bulging skin as if something was inside. They were eyeless. They also had very pointed elbows. The elbows did not have skin but were made of bone structure similiar to an antler of a moose. The ends of the elbows were sharply pointed.

The woman did not know that Iyash was inside their mudookwan. All of a sudden there was a bird outside chirping. They both looked up. One of them said, There's our signal". This was their signal bird that came in the morning, noon and late afternoon to let them know that it was time for breakfast, lunch and supper. They did not know the times of day because they could not see.

When they heard the bird, one of them got up, pick up her pail and went down the lake to get some water. She used the string as a guide from her mudookwan to the shore so she'll know how far to go and not fall into the water. When she came back in she put a pot of water on the fire to cook. When the water started to boil she reached over behind her and took out a bag of food. It was actually a bag made of penis skin. She used the penis bag to keep human remains and fat in. The two woman were cannibals. They killed and ate their visitors.

The woman took out some human flesh with fat and threw it into the pot. She took a stick and used it to swirl her cooking. She was trying to crack open whatever it was she threw in there. Once in a while she would slurp the stick to taste for flavour. After a while she said to the other woman,

"Sister, there is no flavour to my cooking. How is yours?"

The other woman swirled her stick in her own pot. She slurped the stick and she replied,

"No, mine has no flavour either".

They sat there quietly. They knew that the reason there was no flavour to their cooking was because they are running out of meat. Then one of them said to the other,

"Sister, remember that message about Iyash coming this way? I wonder when he will get here", she was thinking that Iyash would make nice fresh meat.

Suddenly one of them started poking her stick all around. There was hesitation when she finally hit Iyash with her stick.

"Iyash?" she asked.

"Yes?", replied Iyash with a question.

"Iyash, mash Iyash", she said now very surprised.

It did not take very long for the three of them to relax and have a nice visit. One of them asked Iyash to let them know when he was ready to leave. After some time of visiting and sharing stories Iyash finally said that he should be on his way. "After all," he said, "I have a long way to go". Before that, though, he had placed the black caribou fur from the foxwoman in the entrance. As soon as Iyash told the woman that he was ready to leave they both headed for the entrance to block Iyash from leaving. SItting back to back to each other on the doorway the two woman began swinging their sharp elbows in unison. This is the way that they kill their visitors. They were quite good at stabbing their victims to death with their sharp elbows. But, this time it was only the black caribou fur that had been placed there that they were attacking. They shredded the fur to pieces. They, however, were a little too careless in their attack. They accidently stabbed each other although one of them shouted,

"no,no, sister, it's me you are stabbing."

When it was over, both of them lay dead on the floor. Iyash looked around, frowned and shrugged his shoulders, "Nukaypikoo, I don't know", he said. He took out his knife and cut off all the sharp elbows and slit holes where the eyes should be.

"This is the way you were meant to look", he said to the dead woman.

Iyash left the house and resumed his journey. He could hear laughter coming from the mudookwan. It was the two woman who were laughing in happiness saying,

"Gee, that Iyash. Look what he did to us to make us better."

Iyash smiled as he walked away. If Iyash had not cut off the sharp elbows and made holes for their eyes, that's the way men and women would have looked as people got older.

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