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ehh> wj/ ;szmhsD j/ kw jydD. juqsfcvmD j/ wd juqsfD saf uw5 ;u5eg. falD lhakZ rhrwePiD ruqsfD qralafybmD j/ kw jyeD. wj/ ;szmhsD. wl8D ;uJe k2rakg ;ldmhsD> ;ea;g h? l8D qr a3dal lPq3bmD la; fldmhsD. ;af alD uv qmJeusyibg la; fal Je k2rakg.

kw j/ frqfEdZ> ; afDh alD lhakZ la; fkldmhsD. WPad j/ alD uv 3TeD lla; kv eruldmhS fj?rerbD la; fal Je k2rakg ;ldmhsD. afDh j/ uv fldmhsD.

wh? ;P mJewvZ. kw fjq szZ ;rPfeeg a;y ;khal kbZ. ;khal kErZ dDh Up vh uv ;khal m?afhl3Z. 5hv ;khal m?vhl3Z a;y Emwg fT hP? a;y ;khal uafv3Z wh? ffrPZ wkw fldZ jssD a;y rfl/wD ;f vhalD ;r3ewvZ keD ;Pq3Z wa;y ;Pal/sZ wqf l8D a;y ;r khal m?afhl3Z w?h2l vh ;r m?afhl3Z. wh? kw a;y kw ;kbakZ kw kmD ;P uxakhafZ. kuh? ;mrieeZ juafg kmD kw fxq w?afvcg ;Pusafeg jh uv wh? l8D wia; ;8r5g kw uv kmD ;P8r5g falD fd3 lvq ql?afr5g eufg kw UPafD uv kmD fT ;P8r5g ;xq w?afvcg. wuv kmD ;P8r5g. ;xq w?afvcg. flP wyvfg fkuhafcg kw UPafD ;uhvcg eufg. ;udafg ;uhr5eg.

wj/ wd fuqmnZ ;r3esZ a;y ;kbeZ jvi8D. evq lvql/ j/ kw jyvD falD rD js rfru/iD.

ky h? 83D eD rldxbD.

kw h? flvZ rmvuqfsfeg kw ls ldxD. ;f qzrKbD kw8 kw 5aU ls jhbeg. kw8 wd fldZ>

rni? lh? alD>

kw8uv ls 3alD 3lP uqmejZ.

kw8 kmc 5aU ;rzr5g ;Je k2rakg ;lqf5g. wls h? kuD ;rrPnZ ;r/J?fg. ;r/J?fakZ frd jEa;eakD frlP rys3ewvZ jvsD ;r/J?fg la;e jsq3vdD ;r/Jux8hg. ja; k2r fux8hxdeakg fusyialD ;lafg ;rndeakg> flafgusyialD.

UPg usyialD dDh whKwhd hKk2alcZ kalb ja; qux8hg ja; usyialD wfd fr jPnZ sen js k2rg albiusyialeg wfd. whP ja;e fr/J?fg wia; fusqwviZ aka; kBb?. kBb? flrndeakg jvi8D l8 uv kBb?. aka; fkqwviZ wh? ka; kBb?. wkmD js fle lP rPnvmcD ;r l?af kePeealZ 3alD kPZ lh? jssD.

kw j/ fldZ kuD 5hg frl?afr5g kuD kw frd 3vD ;re/akdhg. kw v/ uv fldZ jssD> kw j/ 3realH ;rl?af kePeealbg. ;af h? /vZ 3buZ rusyiwD js k2rg. rD lh? alD wja; 3yEalbD rfuuqF rD j/ kw jydD. qucPPalZ ka; Eq3iakD.

wj/ ka; uuqF fleZ fw?afrfcZ wj/ ka; Eq3i. kuD 5aU ;rlP lPIZ duZ feh wEhviZ ;ke mrPxeg wd ;ke xfkeeg feh EhviZ.

wh? la; hKdv? wd haK ;r9mbg s/g qmuEhsD ja; k2r qwachsD qkbw;hsakhsD lh? fT ja; k2r wevg rk2rakg. l8D kw jrldvmD jssD> wja; fld8vmcD jssD.

;af h? alD ka; j?rer falD alf rakmsiakdS kuq. sakZ lh? ;fafe8rdviZ wla; frleyKZ qyEalfealZ wj/ kw flrnZ.

eD lh?alD ef 5yF.

5yF lh? fleZ rqjsfr j/ fleZ falD lv js kbiD duZ. fxq uakalfdfuZ rqjsfr. a;y uv ;h erakmsmD ;kbmD alwaliug flqf5g ;dcalksrmD ;kbakmD jva;eakg. fxq uakalfdfuakZ rqssyhakg falD fd3 qrkqe3ivmcD aka; 5yF fleH>

Ehvi h? alD uv. rPa; lh? alD fEhviZ. sqhvi kw fdEhviZ> wj/ kuD frlPIvmcD aka;.

wj/ kuD ;r l?af khK3bD.

One morning, as Iyas the younger was eating breakfast he said to his father,

"Father, I had a real bad dream last night. I dreamed that it was the end of the world. Would it be possible for you to give me the bag of fat and meat that you keep for special purposes? I thought that I should do the offering ceremony because of my dream. It might appease the gods."

Iyash the elder turned and responded in an angry voice, " That's just a foolish dream. I have had dreams like that many times and the world has not ended."

Iyash the younger did not say anything more to his father. He left for the day and went deeper into the forest until he came upon a spot that was comfortable and felt safe to be in. There he cut all the brush and made a nice clearing. it was a fair size open area that he cleared in the middle of the forest. In the clearing he drew a large circle. It was a perfect circle that was made right into the ground. Once this was done he made a special bow and four arrows. When he returned home that late afternoon, he left them behind in the clearing. When he got home, he asked his mother to go with him into the forest. He did not take his father or the other woman. He took his mother into the circle when they got to the clearing. He told her that they must stay inside the circle no matter what happens. Once he assured his mother that everything will be fine, he took and lit the arrow that he had made. He strung the flaming arrow to the bow and drew it high towards the eastern direction. When the arrow landed far off in the distance the forest was engulfed into a flaming fire. There was fire on land and there was fire on the water. There was no escape for anyone or anything from the fire.

Iyash's father came running towards them and shouting for help, "Where do I go. I am going to be burned alive." he cried.

Iyash shouted back, "Get away from here. You jump into your special bag of fat and meat. That is the only thing that will save you."

"What about your aunt?" Iyash the elder shouted again.

Iyash yelled back, " Take her with you. She will be able to fit in the bag with you."

Iyash the elder and his young wife both jumped into the bag of fat and meat. They were quickly consumed by the raging fire. There was fire everywhere except for inside the circle that Iyash had made. He and his mother were safe. The rest of the world was on fire. This was the end of the world. Everthing on earth was destroyed.

The end of the world by fire is the last thing that Iyash the younger overcame. He was able to overcome all these things because he listened to the teachings of his grandmother, the foxwoman. For that he was blessed so that he may survive all the temptations and hardships that come his way in his lifetime. It is said that one's lifetime is one hundred years. That's how long a person is given to live and travel on this jouney - on this road of life. And Iyash the younger completed that journey successfully as a human person.

When the world ended and everything was destroyed by fire Iyash said to his mother,

"As the world has ended, we too must pass on as human beings. However, we are still alive. So, we must change into a different life form. Therefore, you will become a robin - a beautiful bird in the world".

So the bird with a red breast known as robin is Iyash's mother. It is a bird that sings so beautifully when the sun sets and and when the sun rises.

"Each evening and each morning you shall sing, laugh, and pray for the earth as long as it exists", Iyash asked his mother. That's what he planned for his mother.

For himself, Iyash the younger, turned himself into someone that is not seen too often and someone that is ugly. He purposely did this to himself. He said,

"For me, I'll be a toad."

A creature known as a toad is a big frog with hairy bulging eyes. It can hardly move around. It can make a loud and beautiful sound. That's what Iyash became.

Once that was done, the earth became a beautiful place again with new growth and new life.


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