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rD j/ uv flehvibD> rD j/ uv ;muya3EbD ja; fush3bD flehafg l8D kwjydD. falD lv dDh lPdafiED kw jydD falD uv dafKES qaka3akg afDh ;ldZ kw ue? ;Updafg ;uhdafg kw uv ;ke Updafg fusfWbg. kuq uv ;remig ;uhdafg a;y fke uhdafg 3alD lh? uv sbS a;y fuwl/Z wh? ue? ;Updafg fusfWbg k/ uv kuD fuhafdafg k/ h? ;Updafg dakZ k/ h? fT ;vmafg kw la; rqfwg 5weg falD rkemafiED wh? k/ kuD js ;jyhdafg kw mb? ;r3hg aka; rcug. rqrcug k/ ;uciakeeg hud?alD hhviD uciakD wakEa;eakD ;/vqlvZ ;rlPmrydZ sen q/vqlvZ lea;eakD sqkalbD aka; uci. kuq ;v8Z wja; fr jq alhsakZ ;af 8fdafg alhsalPfD fr jq lvZ. ;de5hg 3alD dDh qe/akdyiZ r?uD la; dDh mafg kel/Z q/vqeivZ jEa;D wj/ kuD k/ ls fukbeZ k/ kuD ;UpdvieZ> wka; rcug kw ;P xqa;ua3 mejZ kuD a;y. wh? kmc ;Psqvqg kak dU. a;y h? w/fWbeg a;y ;kvubeg ;afhakfg ;wadhakfg kuD ls ;PmrPg ka; dU. wh? wd a;y fmrPg kuD k/ fsa5 xq d/rvcIg kuD aly> ka;y rqrcug k/ kd lPrakmejZ kdrlP kewd a;mejZ. ;f h? alD uv ;mafeg. kw h? alD ka; ;reiZ. syf jak flhg ;rlP alDhsalpZ ehh flrnbD. ka; lh? rcug. sqkalb ;lrnd eakg sq 3vD fT ;lPIg dDh qusqlvZ kalb ;lP kmhg> aklPkmqnqD ;lPIg. wh? jEa;eakD sen ;q lPe/akZ jEa;eakD rq rcuvD. sen j/ uv frlPe/akg jEa;eakD rq rcuvD. sen falD kuq 3vD jddlhviD fT sq3vD. wh? jEa;eakD sen fr lPe/akZ qkh usqkeZ jEa;eakD j?rerakD. fr/a;esZ k/ fr lP akmhkZ wia; keD lc3 3lPusyieZ. ka; lh? rcug> sen jrknD ;f dDh qjq fqydZ jEa;eakD frdhfWaldZ j?re3akD. senD fal jhErdfeZ. kw j/ kuD a;qre8H aka; uci jEa;eakD rqrcuvD.

The story of Iyash is actually about this young man who is also known as Iyash, who had the same name as his father.

When his father left him on the island, Iyash cried himself to sleep. He fell into a long sleep. It was during this sleep that things were revealed to him. Iyash had a vision in which the Creator showed him the events past, the present, and what was to be. This is similiar to the story written of John in the bible, in the Book of Revelations, how God revealed to him all sorts of things in his dream while sleeping in an island. This revelation was made in order to help him on his journey of life to overcome all obstacles and complete the work he was to do here on earth. This was also true for Iyash. The things he acquired in his dream and vision from the Creator were the things for him to use as he began his journey of life.

As Iyash lay on the ground and slowly began to awake he could hear someone calling,

"Grandson, grandson".

Iyash stirred and slowly looked around. He did no see anyone. He was alone in the island. As he tried to gather his thoughts he heard someone call again but could not find where the voice was coming from.

As he sat on the ground he heard someone call again,


The third time that he looked around for someone he saw, right beside him along the shore of the island, a creature with big horns swimming around in the water. It was a big serpent and it was this serpent that had been calling Iyash. Iyash stared at the serpent. The serpent said,

"Come, I'll take you ashore".

Slowly, Iyash got up and walked to the serpent.

"Where do I get on?" he asked the serpent.

"Right here", the serpent said pointing to his horns, "sit right here."

Iyash climbed and sat comfortably on the horns of the serpent. The serpent started to swim towards the shore of the lake with Iyash sitting on top of his head. The lake was calm with beautiful blue skies and not a cloud anywhere.

The serpent told Iyash, "If you want me to go faster just hit my horns'.

Iyash was having such a nice ride. It was smooth and fast not like any other. The serpent created bubbling waves and yellow bubbles of water as they glided over the calm waters of the lake. There was left a stream and trail of ripples of water. Once in a while Iyash hit the the horns of the serpent to go faster and to get to the shore early. They travelled for a long time. Sometimes they could not see the shore or land just water. As they were travelling the serpent said to Iyash.

The serpent asked Iyash to let him know if he sees any dark clouds come by. Iyash did not say anything but hit the horns again and they went a bit faster. Soon, they could see a small slice of land up ahead. That is their destination. But, at the same time, there were dark clouds looming. And the thunder of the thunderbirds could be heard approaching. The dark clouds started to flash with lightning.

"What is that sound?" asked the serpent upon hearing the sound of the thunderbirds.

"It's the sound of your skin hitting the water as we travel", answered Iyash, "There are no dark clouds to be seen anywhere". Iyash was, of course, telling him a lie. They were getting closer to the land and he did not want the serpent to know about the approaching thunderbirds. However, the closer they got to the land the closer the thunderbirds came. They were already in shallow water when the serpent finally realized that the dark clouds were upon them and that it was the thunderbirds that were making all that noise. The serpent is very afraid of the thunderbirds. The Creator made the thunderbird good, fierce, awesome, and capable of overtaking a serpent who on the other hand is sinister, almost evil, and a creature to be feared. So, the thunderbird and the serpent are opposites. That is why the serpent asked Iyash to let him know if there are any dark clouds looming so that he can get away and hide otherwise the thunderbird will destroy him. As soon as the serpent realized that the thunderbird was upon him, he turned his head and quickly throw Iyash toward the shore before diving into the water. But it was too late. The water was too shallow to offer shelter for the serpent. The thunderbird threw down fire of lightning and thunderbolts which instantly killed the serpent. It is said for the serpent that what is sometimes considered evil can sometimes be used to nurture life. Evil force is capable of doing something positive if one chooses it to do so. In the case of Iyash the Creator send the serpent, the most unlikely creature to offer assistance, to help Iyash get out of his situation. The Creator revealed to Iyash through a dream the things he needed to know and the Creator also sent the serpent to set Iyash on his way to his journey. All this happened because the Creator had a plan for Iyash and blessed him to do certain things in his life. The Creator even planned for the thunderbird to come and kill the serpent so that the serpent will not harm Iyash.


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