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a;q ke l?afalieZ ;af wd sqalie kq dh? lv k/ wd eakakchD sa5 lrn. fef rlPIvmcD la; dDh fkll?feakg fmm?a3fdakyg mrZ la; qrlevvs85akmcD> kw wd kuD a;q k55ualieZ. wuv wd Waf ;rhda;Z wuv wd ;d5eg 3buZ ja;e jwqwS. wkw 5aU kuD kdrlP lPIeg. wla; wd kuD 5aU ;ke a;a;chw 5ualieZ 5ng. wh? wd fsa5lrnZ. fef uv dng frq mm?a3fdakg sakZ fjq ssrmm?a3fdakg jq levvs85bD wla; wd kuD 5a; kdr jq qlPIeg kw uv wd kdr 5ualieZ. racP? lv ;af dakZ kdjqalieZ wevg wd kdrjq5ualieZ fef lh?alD 8flfe8D fkfirD fd3 jq levvs85bD kw lrn. kw uv wd a;q5ualieZ. wuv wd a;qld5eg ja;e fr jqalieZ kw uv ;d5eg ja; frk/wZ 5hv ue? ;5ualieZ wuv ;f ;rhdakZ kw wd Wa5 lrnZ fefwd fwPfsg 8flfD qlevvs 85bD. wla; kw 5aU ;af wd kdalieZ ssrfsakD jE 8flfe8D wjEa;eakD fak alTfsg 8flfe8D kw ja;eakD flhg wkw 5aU kdalieZ kw wdak k/ qke 5ualieZ qkelPIeZ kwuv ;PalieZ. 3yha;D wd fjq k5eg. wl8 ;rrhdakZ ;rrhasZ jEa;eakD jvsD jhrafD.

kw h? flvZ le jvsD. EP? wvn/ ;rrhasZ ehrg kuq j/ 5ukesD fall/bD a;y. ;af h? rfalhsalD lh? keD 3lPq3bD r?uD lh? nhsD 3ledD kw j/ qfU?fakah lra;eakg seng flduakZ q/J?fakah. ;af lh? alD ;f nhsD fledD wfalD fr Es3 fruxIiD. wja; flvZ jEa;eakD jvsD.

wh? ja; fjq kbg rqkal alhs3alD kw fjqleZ kuEq? fr5eS rq2k ;af wd fhhS wd rss. wls fjqeg UPg sidlfeg fk5g wja; ;e?hwkbg jepa;alD ryky 3rusyiZ wka; kePee r?uD ja; lPfr5hg wd nhg jalhsvalD. kyf h? wh? ka; e?hS ;kuZ la; wfd falux85g EvS WafZ usyialeg fuxIbg.

When the serpent thrown Iyash towards the shore he landed on the sandy shore of the mainland. He did not get hurt. As he looked around he noticed fresh tracks of a fox around the beach. That was the only thing that he could see. There were no other tracks around or anyone to be seen. Iyash started to walk from the shore toward the bush. Once he got to the top of the land he saw standing close by a mudookwan, a sort of a shelter in the shape of wigwam that native people made for a home. There was smoke coming from the mudookwan. But, except for the fox tracks, there were no tracks in the sandy shore or signs of life that may be living in the mudookwan. Without hesitating, Iyash walked straight to the mudookwan and entered. There he saw sitting on the floor was an old woman. She was by herself. Iyash was hungry. The old woman invited Iyash in and asked him to sit along beside her. Iyash had this comfortable feeling of having arrived at his grandmother's place. The old woman began preparing food as a grandmother would for her grandson who just arrived. She had for Iyash one small slice of meat served on a very small pot. She took a long stick, picked up the small pot with the stick, and set it beside Iyash and said,

"Here grandson. Here is your supper that I have prepared for you. If you can empty my pot then you will surpass all the gods that are lined along the way on your journey".

Iyash was very hungry.

"This is such a measly portion that she is serving me. Grandmother did not give me enough", he thought to himslef as he shoved the one small slice of meat into his mouth.

Iyash looked in the pot and there inside the pot was another slice of meat. He ate that and looked in the pot again. Sure enough there was another slice. He kept on eating until he was very full but there was always another piece in the small pot. He was so full he began to wonder how and what he could do to empty the pot. He said to himself,

"I wish my stomach was the size of a wolf stomach".

All of a sudden he was no longer full. In fact, he was a bit hungry so he began eating again. But soon he began to feel a very full stomach. As he was eating he wondered out loud if it would be possible to have a stomach as big as a big pond. As soon as he had finished saying those words it happened again. He no longer felt satiated. So he began eating again and this time he ate a little longer. But he could not seem to finish the meal. There was always another slice of meat in the pot. Soon he began to feel full again. This happened over and over. His stomach continued to grew larger to the size of a small lake, then to a large lake. As he ate he began to feel full again. He was determined, however, to finish the meal that had been offered to him. Slowly, he reached into the small pot to pick up the next piece. But, his hand touched an empty bottom. Surprised, he looked into the pot. There was nothing in the pot. He had finished the pot of meal.

The old woman looked at him and she said, "Grandson, you have finished my pot. Well done. But you still have a long and difficult journey ahead of you. I will prepare you and teach you what need to know. If you follow what I say, you will pass and overcome the gods along the way. If, however, you do not follow what I say, you will not last long on your journey".

This is why the teachings of the elders exists. This is where it comes from and where it fits into the world. This is why the youth are asked to respect the elders, their father and mother. And again this is also in the bible. This is the only way the native people will survive as a people. To respect, listen and follow the teachings of the elders. And the road that we travel today, which is sometimes difficult, is the same road that Iyash was given.

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