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kw wd ;ke muxIZ> akmZ h? iv wdak ;ke muxIZ k/ wd 3vD jakmhD ls wfdg sbS ja; ;P usu3v5g kuD uv a;y ak8 ;P usu3v5g ;f wd kalb qra;s?fg. jyefe3fdD lh? jv lra;eakg ueoa3 jyefe3fdg 5hv ;kbakZ ;akaku?3fdriakZ kePee jyefe3fdg lh? l8D jca;eakg. wjEa;eakD lh? l8D 3alD ka; fjhbeZ jEa;eakD fldvqeeZ. ;af h? kw ;f qrrxquxIZ flP mrqZ uv 8w?fakZ kalb kuD lv /sg dqhviakZ ;rqEhviakZ. ;akfalIakZ frd jvaleakg w8 ;P rqEhviakZ w8 mr ;nrdZ kw kmD ;P khal alhqkZ kuD sqhafD kw a;y kex? a;q uqaf?afeZ. a;y Emwg ;u rqwrcZ kw jEa;eakD j/afPakbdD fr wevmD jvsD. ls lh? ;klduZ ls flP h?fur?fg afhuv flP h?fur?fg flPdafg kmc ls ;P ihakurmejZ. wj/ kw fqrwrcZ kw ka; kex? ;uqaf?afeZ ;dEhviZ lh? fT ka; kex? ;uqaf?afeZ. kBb? j/ fakmsg> kBb? j/ fwrdg.

kw ;uqmhZ kw r9alee kw uv ;f ;lPdg kw ;f ;akmsZ ka;cdD fakmseZ. 5aU l8 alD jhl/D jrakmsD kka; kex? ls h? ;uxIeZ ls kuD fsqhviZ.

wh? kw 5aUd kw flrnbD> wa;y ;kekl/eZ ls kmD falD kw lhrxiD ls fh?fufeg. ls h? /a3P ;jq 8ra3mejZ ;rq EhviZ. wlh? uv a;q 88ra;udZ /a3PakbdD kw jEa;eakD frwevmD jvsD. a;y uqbl ;sa5kbZ a;q 88ra;udZ ls h?fufg. /a3i l8 uv jyPdakD fjq 88ra;udeZ. kw8 wd fldZ> afh j/ lng wd efklrH jqq?fdna;D lqf wd fldZ.

kBb? fldZ> /vZ j/ erakmsmD kBb?> kw kmc ;ke fra;Z. kw ;f ;h5aUhakZ le jhl/D. kw kmD ;ke akakdvqEakZ wd jva;eakg k/ ;r jq mPmejZ ls kw fl?afkbeZ kw wd a;qsszZ falD kalbD jnqfr3ewviD kex? kuD a;y ;jq kesszZ

Iyash spent that night in the bush by himself and reflected on his travels and the people that he met. The next morning he followed the road towards a hill with patches of popular trees all around. Once on top of the hill he looked down and saw smoke coming from a mudookwan. Slowly he went down and came close to the lake where the mudookwan was standing. There were rocks all around. There outside he saw several human arms all hanging in a row. These were the arms of people who had been killed by the person who lived in the mudookwan. The arms were hanging right in the middle of the road. It was impossible to go through the road without touching them. Iyash was trying to go through by crawling underneath when he accidently touched and moved one of the arms. This triggered all the other arms hanging to start moving back and forth and create weird noises. Suddenly, Iyash saw a big ferocious dog coming running out of the house. The dog was heading straight for Iyash. Knowing that the dog will surely tear him to pieces Iyash jumped into one of the foxholes under the rocks. The dog followed Iyash barking ferociously. As he barked continuously the dog began to talk.

"It is Iyash and he jumped into one of the foxholes under that rock", the dog yelled barking at the same time. The master of the dog came running to see what was going on. He looked around but did not see anyone.

"Are you sure you saw someone?" the master asked his dog.

"Yes, he is under there," the dog yelled.

The master went to the foxhole under the rock to take a closer look. All of a sudden a mink popped its head out and started making mink noises. The master and the dog did not realize it but it was Iyash. The foxwoman had given him the mink fur. He was using it as a puppet to make it look like it was real mink. Thinking that his dog was chasing mink the master said,

"Ah, it is only mink. That's not Iyash."

The dog continued to bark, "It is true. I saw Iyash. It is him".

The master gave up on his dog and returned to his mudookwan. In the meantime, Iyash had quickly slipped out of the foxhole and crawled out to the other side of the hanging arms. As he slowly walked away, he could still hear the dog barking until he was at the distance that the barking could not be heard.

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